Church history

It all began in 1994 in the George Gamow (Moiseyenko) Square, where an abandoned karting club building was located, which later became a den for drop-outs and drug addicts. A number of Christians began to pray. Led by Bishop Peter Serdichenko, they made a decision to establish a Christian church there.

A large, one thousand seat tent was set up in the square. Services began and the gospel of life was proclaimed. People came to Christ every day, released and happy!

In 1996, after repairs, worship services began to be held in the building of the former drug addicts, but by 1997 it could not accommodate all those who were striving to hear the Word of God.  Bishop P. Serdichenko and his team had a new vision placed upon their hearts and another dream was born – a new, large church building.

Substantial charity work was being carried out at this time that led to the creation of the "Good Samaritan" Mission.

1997 – it became apparent that there was an urgent need to create a structure that would coordinate the work of the church (the office).

1998 - was the year when the dream came true; the foundation of the new building was laid, it was constructed with two floors. Under the Lord's blessing, God's committed people built a church capable of seating 860 people.

2000 - an extraordinary event took place; the People's Church (Bishop P. Serdichenko) and "Emmanuel" church (pastor P. Gula) were united, after that Sunday services were held in two streams.

2000 - the Bishop’s heart burnt with a strong desire to create a comprehensive school under Church control in which children would learn not only the basics of academia, but also how to pray and read the Bible. The idea became a reality with the building of a new wing, which included four floors.

2002 - in G. Gamow square services were being held in the "Central Church"; a comprehensive school, "Personality creation", was open for all children; the "Good Samaritan" Charity Foundation was established.

2002-2008 - with God's help and the contribution of Church members, social projects were being carried out through which the whole city found out about the work of the Church. The city authorities acknowledged the church’s contributions in society by presenting it with awards on behalf of the governor and the mayor.


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